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Interested in Volunteering? Reach Out!
We are a Volunteer Organization and Always Looking for Help!

If you have children, grandchildren, etc in school at Dove Elementary this year, what grade are they in? Please check all that apply. 

Please check which volunteer opportunity(ies) you are most interested in. Please check all that apply. 


(Note:  Grade coordinators are usually looking for Room Parents to help with Holiday and Valentine's Day Class Parties.)

Do you have any interest in serving on the Dove PTA Board? We'd love to have you! You can see a full list of positions and what they do here.(For executive positions, our monthly executive meetings for this year are Sundays)

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for coupon code!

Please note that you must be cleared as a volunteer each year by GCISD. Click to get started! 

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