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Please note, none of these positions or changes from previous roles until officially appointed by the 2023-2024 Executive Board. 

Standing Committee Chair Roles

Standing Committee Positions are full-year commitments and are a part of the PTA Executive Board. All Standing Committee Chairs hold voting positions and are required to attend all PTA Executive Board Meetings (held monthly; time TBD according to everyone's availability) and General Meetings (3-5 per year).

Grade Level Coordinators

Coordinators are responsible for promoting activities within each grade level; shall recruit room moms; shall support their grade level teachers any way they can; shall work with the grade level lead teachers, room moms and parents for the Holiday and Valentine's Day class parties and end of year class/grade festivities; shall assist in PTA sponsored socials. 



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

ESCE/Special Ed 

Coordinates with staff & PTA to ensure they are represented and can participate in all events. 


Work to engage and educate members on important issues at the local, state and national level. Ensure that we have a voice in making decisions that impact Texas families.

Additional Standing Committees

Appointed to chair specific committees or responsibilities throughout the year, as deemed necessary.

Dad's Club

Supports the PTA &  school by staffing set up & clean up of events, building a float for the Grapevine Parade of Lights, improvements to classrooms at teachers' requests and chair fundraising activities to raise money for improvement projects​

Diversity Action Council

Serves as the Dove liaison to Council programs/events that nurture environment where diverse cultures and beliefs of all people are acknowledged, respected and valued. Including, Friendship Day activities.


Coordinates recycling programs on campus, emulates “Keep Grapevine Beautiful” and plans Earth Week celebrations.​​


Promotes healthy food choices. Works with Council Healthy lifestyles chairperson.​


Promotes reading programs in conjunction with our librarian and scholastic book fairs. Includes any Reading Challenges or relevant activities sponsored by the PTA. 

Student Activities

Will coordinate with the teacher/staff of all clubs to ensure that they are supported and have everything they need. Can also appoint committee members to each club for assistance and represntation. 


Will handle all coordination with teachers/staff for day-to-day needs, including begining of the year staff events, Apple Tree coordination, newsletter items, STAAR tresting refreshments, etc. Will act as a liasion between the staff and the PTA. 

New Sale
New Sale


Shall recruit and coordinate Dove parent and community volunteers; collect and report volunteer hours to Council


Responsible for the collection of photos and collaboration with the school to create a Yearbook every year. 

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Special Committees

These positions are not required to attend all board or general meetings. They are required to attend Board Meetings as necessary for the position or event. These positions are created each year by appointment of the Executive Board and dissolved after the need is over. 

Timely compiles the student directory and coordinates with the membership VP for distribution to all local unit members.

5th Grade Trip

Promotes and coordinates all aspects for the fifth grade Sky Ranch trip.

Fall Event Coordinator

Promote, plan and coordinate all aspects of the Back to School Picnic or another family fun event in the Fall.​​

Field Day

Coordinates a fun and eventful day for students and volunteers consisting of a variety of themed athletic and nonathletic activities and games in a non-competitive environment.​

Red Ribbon Week 

​Responsible for working with Dove counselor and district advisors and vendors on educating the unit members and students to promote safety, community, and awareness and promoting Red Ribbon Week.​


Scholarships & Grants

Works with a committee of three (3) with two (2) alternates to determine how to distribute student scholarships and staff grants from the PTA.

Silent Auction

Solicits donations and items for auction at Fall Festival.  Prepare bid sheets, decorations, and collection of all items. Coordinate staff contributions and grade-level baskets.​

New Sale

Spirit Shop

Coordinate all aspects of the Dove Spirit Shop, including marketing, inventory, planning, and coordinating the opening the shop for sales (in the past: open during social events and during specified lunches).


Spring Event Coordinator

Promote, plan and coordinate all aspects of the Back to School Picnic or another family fun event in the Fall.​

Talent Show

Promotes and coordinates all aspects for the Dove Talent Show working with clear and concise guidelines and expectations providing a non-competitive, esteem-building experience for those involved.​

Welcome Committee

Coordinates social events at the beginning of each semester for new families who are new to the school.

Wrap Packs

Solicits quality vendor school supply pack bids, markets school supply packs to Dove families organizes delivery of school supply packs to school before school starts, and helps as needed with distribution to students.


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